About Lee Forrest the Artist

Lee Forrest the Artist

Lee Forrest’s artistic journey is both diverse and intriguing. His exploration of various mediums like oil, acrylic, pastel, and pencil since an early age is a testament to his passion for creation. His foundational art education at Greenville College under Guy Chase provided a strong base for his artistic endeavors.

The geographical diversity of places where Lee has lived adds a rich tapestry of experiences that influenced his art. His professional ventures are equally varied, having worked in roles from a counselor at a Christian boys’ home to a director in a strategic communications firm. This varied professional background, coupled with the founding of Lee Forrest Consulting, a brand identity and creative agency, showcases a multifaceted personality balancing business acumen with artistic creativity.

The influence of renowned artists like Jackson Pollock, Makoto Fujimura, and Andrew Wyeth is intriguing, as they each bring distinct styles and philosophies to the art world. This eclectic mix of influences suggests a rich, multi-layered approach to Lee’s artwork.

The transition to exploring egg tempera in 2018 marks a significant turn in his artistic journey, delving into abstract paintings. This period also led to a valuable interaction with Makoto Fujimura, further enriching his artistic network and growth. Being part of Makoto’s Culture Care Art Cohort is a noteworthy achievement, indicating recognition in the contemporary art scene.

Lastly, his involvement in the One Love Art and Music Festival and teaching art to homeschooled high school students reflects his commitment to community and education. This engagement with different audiences enriches his perspective and informs his art practice in profound ways.

Lee Forrest’s career is a remarkable blend of artistic exploration, professional versatility, and community engagement, enriched by his wide array of experiences and influences.

Greenville University

Exhibits/Live Art:
2015-2016 – Crossway Fellowship (live collaborative painting/music with worship pastor)
2018 – BadWolf Brewery (dual exhibit with my daughter and photographer, Hannah Brinckley)
2019 – The Art Factory (egg tempera demonstration)

2018-2019 – Culture Care Art Cohort
2018-2020 – Co-chair One Love Art & Music Festival (Manassas, VA)
2020-2022 – Art teacher for the Woodbridge Homeschool High School Coop