About Lee Forrest the Artist

Artist Lee Forrest

Living in Manassas, Virginia, Lee Forrest is an artist who believes art should be generative through cultural stewardship and beauty. Lee creates paintings with egg tempera and other mediums. From an early age, he loved to create and have worked in different mediums including oil, acrylic, pastel, and pencil. He attended Greenville College (now Greenville University), studied under artist and professor Guy Chase and received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.

Over the last 20+ years, Lee and his family have lived in Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, and Virginia. He has held positions from a counselor at Youth-Reach Houston in Texas to a director at a strategic communications firm in Virginia. Currently, he is the owner and principal of  Lee Forrest Consulting, a brand strategy company, all the while, continuing to create artwork.

Lee’s paintings can be seen hanging at the Vineyard Church of Davenport, a retired rear admiral’s office, and several private collections. His influences include Makoto Fujimura, Andrew Wyeth, Egon Schiele, Alice Neel, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock.

In the Spring of 2018, Lee began working with egg tempera to create abstract paintings. It is during this time that he met world-renown artist, Makoto Fujimura. Soon after, Lee, along with musician Joy Ike, and artists Ty Nathan Clark, Julie Quinn, and Kristen Peyton, was invited by Makoto, to participate in his inaugural Culture Care Art Cohort through the Brehm Center in Pasadena, California. Makoto continues to mentor Lee and encourage him to use his Call as an artist to be a culture shaper, steward, and mentor in the DC metro area.

In September 2018, Lee’s wife became the tutoring coordinator for elementary-age children in the City of Manassas’ Georgetown South community. She saw this as an opportunity to mentor children, many of whom are immigrant children. Lee partners with his wife to tutor and mentor.

In December 2018, Lee became an advisor to One Love Art and Music Festival in Historic Manassas, Virginia which focuses on celebrating life with the arts. During the festival on April 26-28, 2019, he was a speaker on the topic of Moving from Culture Wars to Culture Care. He continues to advise and help plan the One Love Art and Music Festival for 2020.