Beauty in Chaos

The creation of abstract art using egg tempera and Sumi-e ink on a variety of surfaces, ranging from the intimate scale of 9″x12″ watercolor paper to 28″x60″ unprimed canvas, is an exploration of the beauty inherent in chaos. My artistic process is deeply meditative and spiritual, engaging me in a serene dance of patience and introspection. Egg tempera, with its rich, opaque quality, contrasts sharply with the fluid, translucent nature of Sumi-e ink, presenting a unique challenge akin to blending oil and water. This interplay requires a profound trust in the artistic process and a harmonious balance between these disparate mediums. The resulting artwork, built through numerous, patient layers, is a testimony to the concept of ‘slow art’. As the egg tempera and Sumi-e ink wrestle and merge on the canvas or paper, they create unexpected textures and forms, each layer adding to the narrative of the piece. This artistic journey, marked by the convergence of control and serendipity, invites both me, the artist, and the viewer to find peace and beauty in the midst of seeming discord, celebrating the unpredictable and enchanting dance of these contrasting elements.

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Beauty in Chaos 23
Beauty in Chaos 22