As a visual artist, my journey has been deeply rooted in the exploration of the human form and its spiritual essence. In my work, I use graphite and Prismacolor pencils to capture the nude figure, celebrating its divine creation in the image of God, the ultimate artist. Each line and shadow in these figurative drawings is not just a representation of the physical form, but also a tribute to the sanctity of the human body.

Simultaneously, I embrace the fluid expressiveness inherent in abstract art, utilizing the ancient mediums of egg tempera and Sumi-e ink. These materials allow me to delve into a more meditative artistic process, where each layer reflects a dance of spontaneity and control.

This contrast in my work—between the detailed precision of the human form and the liberating flow of abstract painting—creates a unique artistic language that speaks to the complex nature of our existence, both physical and metaphysical.

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